We're baaaack...

Yes, there is a 2018 CPUG Challenge.  We've definitely changed things up a bit, and we'll have more details here soon.

For now, we'll leave the rest of this site along, until we have the details ready.  Stay tuned!

Whether or not you're attending CPX this year, we have a challenge for you.

For those who are attending CPX, come find the CPUG Challenge Arena.  We have a series of challenges you can take part in, from the quick and easy, to the more comprehensive and difficult.  We've got prizes for everyone, and rewards for the best!

For those who can't attend CPX this year, come back here during CPX in Milan (May 16-18) and try our online trivia challenge.  We'll see just how much you know about Check Point.

It's our hope that everyone has some fun, and maybe even learns a thing or two.

Online challenge

You don't have to be in Madrid for this one!  You also don't have to be an engineer.

We have some "trivia" type questions for you, based on common (and not-so-common) knowledge of Check Point.  Some should be easy, some may not be, but it should at least be fun to take a shot.

ON-SITE Challenges

The on-site challenges below are intended for attendees of CPX 2017 in Milan.  To participate, you should be in the CPUG Challenge Arena and connect your laptop to our wireless network (we plan to have some spares for anyone who didn't bring their own).  Further instructions can be found in the arena.

Stage 1

5-15 minutes

We'll send you on a quick scavenger hunt in the new R80.10 SmartConsole, and see just what answers you can dig up.

If you get stuck, just ask.  We're happy to help.

Stage 2

15-30 minutes

If you think you really know your stuff - prove it.  We're going to make you work a bit harder, but you'll be rewarded with an exclusive Title on the CPUG forums, and a chance to compete in the finals.

Only limited help this time, though.

Stage 3

?? - it's up to you

You've made it!  This is where you can really put yourself to the test.  If you can complete this faster than anyone else, you'll be the champion!

No help, and no pity 😉