The rules to the CPUG Challenge are pretty basic, but vary by stage. If something below is unclear, please just ask us.

Online challenge

This one's easy: simply launch the challenge from the home page here, and answer the questions.  You can feel free to try and look up the answers if you wish (like on, but we suggest you try and answer on your own.  Enjoy!

Stage 1

Simply log in to SmartConsole using the provided information.  All questions can be answered from right within the interface.

Complete the Stage 1 web form as completely as possible.  If you are unsure of where to find any information, ask anyone you want to for help.  Our goal is to make sure you can answer everything, and maybe learn something in the process.

Everyone who completes this stage will receive a commemorative sticker, and entry into our drawing for bigger prizes.

Stage 2

This one gets a bit more tricky.  Still logging in to the same system, with the same credentials, but you'll be asked more advanced questions.  You're also on your own, with only limited assistance allowed.

If you can complete this 100% correctly, you'll automatically be a finalist, receiving an exclusive Title on the CPUG forums (if you want it), and the right to move on to Stage 3.

Depending on how many automatic finalists we have, we may invite some top scorers to advance as well.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is by invitation only.  To get here, you must have completed Stage 2 correctly (or scored in the top few), and have some time to commit.

You'll be given your own, unique login credentials and be asked to perform some more complex assignments.

If you complete the stage faster than the rest, you'll be crowned CPUG Challenge Champion for CPX2017.